Life is full of colors. Light or dark, each has its own quality. The secret of becoming successful in playing the game of life is to enjoy the moment of now with great gratitude, appreciate the quality of each moment, including highs and lows, pick up new skills going throgh the ups and downs, keep our dreams alive on the path of our travling, and embrace each unfolding moment with free of judgement. If life is a game, then we shall take it sincerely with a tiny dose of playfulness, and perhaps not so secriously.

Life is worth living and celebrating. To attract light not heat into our lives, we must change the way how we think, feel and act. By changing yourself inside out, you can change your future by attracting and creating posivities in your life, such as greater health and happiness, the right mate, your dream job, and exciting new opportunities. With your heightened awareness, heart's desire and intentional work on yourself, you are able to  achieve and retain health, wellness, and enjoy life's true joy. 


"Man lives to move forward, To move forward is to live more. To live more is to be more and do more; and it is being and doing that constitutes the path to happiness. The more you are the more you do, the richer your life, the greater your joy. But being and doing must always live together as one. To try to be much and not try to do much is to find life a barren waste. To try to do much and not try to be much is to find life a burden too heavy and wearisome to bear. The being of much gives the necessary inspiration and the necessary power to the doing of much. The doing of much gives the necessary expression to the being of much. And it is the bringing forth of being through the act of doing that produces happiness that is happiness. Being much gives capacity for doing much. Doing much gives expression to the richest and the best that is within us. And the more we increase the richness of that which is within us, the more we increase our happiness, provided we increase, in the same proportion, the expression of that greater richness. The first essential is provided for by the being of much; the second, by the doing of much; and the secret of both may be found by him who lives to move forward." ~ Christian D. Larson